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Meet Our Suppliers………

At the Fair Trade Shop, we offer a wide range of products ethically sourced from suppliers committed to the principles and practice of fair trade, many of which are certified.  Information about the selected supplier and its product range can be found below, or click here to see our map showing product source locations.  More information can be obtained from the supplier’s own web site by clicking the logo.……

Just Little Changes

Just Little Changes was launched in 2016 by Kat Black, an entrepreneur from Liverpool. Wanting to spread the word on the eco-products she was using, Kat started selling online and in craft fairs. Nowadays, Just Little Changes sells through many websites and is starting to get into local high street shops.

Just Little Changes is here to make living greener, easier.  Its a new enterprise aimed at bringing reusable alternatives to ecologically damaging disposable products. It aims to educate the public about alternatives and inspire people to make just some little changes. Little changes have big effects! It sells  alternative lifestyle products that reduce waste, and promote the use of reusable alternatives.

To visit the Just Little Changes web site and learn more of its operations, click the logo below.