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Fair Trade Schools

Is yours a Fair Trade school?  Find out how your school can get involved in the fair trade movement.  Traidcraft, one of our key suppliers, has produced a magazine promoting fair trade in schools.  It is packed with ideas about what kind of activities you can engage in at school to help promote fair trade, and reports on events that other schools have already held.  We have copies available in the shop if you or your teachers would like one, or alternatively visit

Celebrating Support for Fairtrade in Ipswich with the Mayor

The Mayor of Ipswich, Sarah Barber, with staff and customers at the Fairtrade shop in Upper Brook Street, together with members of Ipswich Fairtrade Town Steering Group. Window stickers are appearing in an increasing number of retail outlets in the town who are showing support for Fairtrade by including certified Fairtrade products in their range.

As part of the same “sticker day” event, the Mayor also visited Greggs in Westgate Street and the Oxfam shop in the Buttermarket.

Supermarkets drop Fairtrade

Sainsburys and Tesco have both recently announced that they are dropping the internationally recognised, independent certification scheme Fairtrade in favour of their own internal “fairly traded” scheme.  There has been wide criticism in the press for this move which is seen as a self serving measure in pursuit of cost saving and nothing to do with helping third world producers.   Major charities - Oxfam, CAFOD, Christian Aid and others - have criticised Sainsburys over this move and there are a number of on-line petitions calling on Sainsburys to stick to Fairtrade.  These recent moves follow hot on the heels from Mondelez, Cadbury’s parent company, announcing late last year that it would be abandoning Fairtrade certification in favour of its own internal scheme Cocoa Life.

The FAIRTRADE Mark on products means that international Fairtrade Standards have been met. Choosing products with this Mark supports marginalised farmers and workers to build a better future for themselves through trade.

For further information visit or click on the adjacent Mark.

For all those interested in genuine, internationally certified and recognised Fairtrade products, please be assured that the Ipswich Fair Trade Shop will continue to support the third world developers by  stocking and selling certified products.  Our wide range of certified foodstuffs can be inspected at our shop in Upper Brook Street - teas, coffee, chocolate, sugar and much more available in store.  Why not visit us to make the purchases that you would previously have made at the supermarket?

Disposable Coffee Cups

Recently, there have been several items in the media about the disposable coffee cups commonly used by the high street coffee companies.  Did you know, whilst these are technically able to be recycled, and are claimed by the suppliers as being recyclable, the fact is that because they are lined with polyethylene, the card and the plastic cannot be separated other than in two recycling plants in the UK and neither of these actually processes any such cups.  In the UK alone, we use nearly 2.5 billion of these cups every year, and as they cannot practically be recycled, they are produced as a single use item, before being thrown away in landfill or incinerated.  

Eco-Friendly Shopping

Responding to a growing consumer awareness and demand, the Ipswich Fair Trade Shop is increasing its range of environmentally friendly products in addition to its traditional Fair Trade products.  In a move to encourage re-use and reduce the consumption of plastic, we now stock bulk supplies of two brands of laundry and washing up liquids - eCover and Clean & Fair - which we sell by the litre.  Bring in your  own plastic bottle rather than bin it and we will refill it  for you.

One way to help in this matter, and to avoid the proposed “latte levy”  that the government plans to introduce, is to purchase a refillable cup.  These cups have proved to be very popular and we have a big range in stock, made from sustainable and recyclable bamboo.  Why not buy one and get your favourite coffee shop to refill it for you?  You will get a discount on the price of the coffee and you can use it over and over.  When it does eventually wear out, it will naturally bio-degrade.  Your coffee will taste better too with no taste of plastic.  Various sizes and designs are available and they will make an ideal Christmas gift.

We have also extended our range of eco-products to include beeswax paper food wrap as a re-usable and ecologically friendly alternative to cling film, plastic food bags and aluminium foil.  

These wraps are hand made in Suffolk and are available in a variety of pretty colours, designs and sizes.  Why not pop in and have a look?

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