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Meet Our Suppliers………

At the Fair Trade Shop, we offer a wide range of products ethically sourced from suppliers committed to the principles and practice of fair trade, many of which are certified.  Information about the selected supplier and its product range can be found below, or click here to see our map showing product source locations.  More information can be obtained from the supplier’s own web site by clicking the logo.……


A co-operative of ordinary people built on integrity and equality, Suma is a worker co-op, a business owned and run by the nearly 200 people who work there. It has no bosses or shareholders, its employees set the direction of the business. Everyone has an equal say in what it does. All get paid the same wage, take responsibility and each do a range of jobs each week, from truck driving to cooking to accounts.

Suma is vegetarian.  Always has been and always will be. Driven by a desire to take better care of ourselves and our environment, it saw a better way and set out to create it. A big part of that is being 100% vegetarian. By selling only great tasting, honest, wholefood products free from meat, fish and animal derivatives, it aims to create change for good.

Its commitment to Fairtrade is based on a deeply held belief in a universal right to economic justice, self-empowerment and freedom from exploitation. Its been behind Fairtrade from the beginning; it proudly stocked the first Fairtrade certified product, Green & Black’s Maya Gold Chocolate, and its range has since grown to almost 600 products, including many Suma branded lines.

To visit the Suma web site and learn more of its operations, click the logo below.