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Meet Our Suppliers………

At the Fair Trade Shop, we offer a wide range of products ethically sourced from suppliers committed to the principles and practice of fair trade, many of which are certified.  Information about the selected supplier and its product range can be found below, or click here to see our map showing product source locations.  More information can be obtained from the supplier’s own web site by clicking the logo.……

We Are Thought

Thought’s story starts with two friends, David and John, in the heat of Australia in 1995, and their desire to wear natural, cool clothing.  The first clothing was simple – a capsule collection of men’s shirts and beachwear made of sustainable ramie and hemp.  In 2002 John took the fledgling brand to the UK and by 2005 it had its first website, its own office, and a warehouse. Natural growth soon meant a women swear collection and  a bigger, just as down-to-earth team.

Creating Thoughtful Clothing alone isn’t enough. Thought values doing the right thing and wants to feel good about everything it touches. That means it works ethically. From the fabrics used, to how the design, manufacture and delivery of its garments. Thought thinks about every impact its business has, with the greater aim of minimising its environmental footprint.  Part of how it works in a thoughtful way is to use natural, organic and recycled fabrics. It takes more time and consideration to use sustainable fabrics, but this is seen as time well spent. Especially when it helps lower the impact on the planet.  

When Thought first started out, hemp was its go-to fabric.  Its still head-over-heels with hemp today, though now also uses innovative additions like tencel and modal together with organic cotton, bamboo, recycled polyester and recycled rayon.

Tencel and modal  start  life as sustainably grown trees. With careful regeneration, they become the soft and drapey fabrics we know and love. Amazing, right?

To visit the Thought web site and learn more of its operations, click the logo below.