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Meet Our Suppliers………

At the Fair Trade Shop, we offer a wide range of products ethically sourced from suppliers committed to the principles and practice of fair trade, many of which are certified.  Information about the selected supplier and its product range can be found below, or click here to see our map showing product source locations.  More information can be obtained from the supplier’s own web site by clicking the logo.……

Where Does It Come From?

More and more people are asking questions about their clothes – How were they made? Who made them and were they treated fairly? Where Does It Come From? is an award winning ethical fashion brand that creates high quality versatile clothing for all the family. Uniquely, each garment comes with a code on the label so you can find the answers to these questions.

Started in 2013,  its founder, Jo Salter, was concerned that the clothes she was buying for herself and family were not being created ethically, and that she may have indirectly been helping to sustain cruel labour practices and contributing to the world’s pollution problems. This motivated her to seek a way of providing an ethical alternative for garments people needed to buy.  

This award winning business is a  member of a number of key organisations to support its fair trade, social enterprise and responsible ethos practices and policies.  It has achieved recognition for its work  winning a number of awards and accreditations.

To visit the Where Does It Come From? web site and learn more of its operations, click the logo below.